With the recent heavy snowfalls and spate of avalanches, it seems timely that TGR launch their Safety Week

Safety week is 7 days of content designed to enlighten all categories of backcountry snow travelers, both experienced and would-be off-piste enthusiasts, on the necessity of cautious and knowledgeable decision making.It commences with a stand-alone multimedia project, in partnership with REI, entitled The Backcountry Travel Guide, a dedicated beginner’s guide to backcountry travel, safety and avalanche information.

“Our films depict the beautiful allure of backcountry skiing and we feel a need to educate our fans that BC travel is not something you can just go do,” says Todd Jones, co-founder and CEO of TGR. “Our athletes have so much training yet still travel with guides who know the region we are in. Right now there is an explosive trend in utilization of national and state forest backcountry and resort sidecountry, especially by younger and uneducated or less experienced travelers. When you pair that premise with new avalanche safety technology and gear that makes going deeper very easy, the odds for accidents go through the roof.

As a pioneer in backcountry travel and safety awareness, TGR designed Safety Week 2016 to bring the exact same backcountry travel insights, tips, tricks, and skills that TGR’s pro skiers and riders have been learning annually as part of TGR’s International Pro Riders’ Workshop to its entire public audience. The content package will include over thirty behind-the-scenes backcountry lessons including how to make a splint using ski poles and candid conversations with top athletes about their life-changing backcountry experiences

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