Time to get really excited about the upcoming season. Keeping with their annual tradition, the good folks at Freeskier Magazine have compiled a list of all the upcoming 2014 ski movie trailers. You can see the entire list here. We’ve watched them all and are amazed by the overall quality this year. There looks to be some real gems on the horizon. However, the following are what got us most excited. These are the trailers that best stirred our POW-obsessed imaginations, left us open-mouthed and incredibly excited to see the entire thing.

MSP – ‘Days of My Youth’

Holy shit! The collaborative project between Matchstick Productions and Red Bull Media House looks insane. How do you want to spend your life? What do you desire? Surely it is better to live a short life doing things you love rather than a long one doing things you hate. Honestly, this is inspirational.

Stellar Media – ‘Migrations’

Shredding the GNAR? Tick! POW galore? Tick! Some of the best athletes in the world? Tick! Cool cinematography? Tick! Kick-ass soundtrack? Tick!  Guns and explosions? You bet! Wild lions? Tick! Errrr… wild elephants? Yep! WOW! The latest from Stellar Media sure does mix it up in their globe spanning search for the best conditions. The trailer has us wanting to pack our own case and head off too… as soon as we wipe the drool from our mouths away :p

TGR – ‘Almost Ablaze’

Only the hardcore need apply! Teton Gravity Research look set to hit it out of the park again with their upcoming ‘Almost Ablaze‘. All of the athletes are mic’d up in this one, promising much hilarity and edge-of-your-seat white knuckled riding. Dropping in 3… 2… 1… Ermmmmmm. Ha. Not so “super gripped”, but we love every little detail in this blazing trailer.

Whiteroom Productions – ‘Trial & Error’

The Devil really is in the details by the looks of the ‘Trial & Error‘ trailer from Whiteroom Productions. Battered, bloodied and bruised, this looks like a backcountry adventure for the ages. Top hint: it’s not your computer that has the error 😉 Oh, and we salute the wonderful Powder Elevens! Rock on!

Unicorn Picnic Productions – ‘Pretty Faces’

Last, but certainly by no means least, comes the PowPowPow! sponsored all-female ski movie, ‘Pretty Faces‘. Presented by the enigmatic Lynsey Dyer, the sisterhood say that “If I had balls, they’d be bigger than yours!” We certainly don’t doubt it!

So there’s our Top 5, in no particular order. We’d really like to hear which trailers get you the most excited and why. Let us know in the comments box below, over on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Also, don’t forget to check out the full list over at Freeskier.

Happy ski dreaming folks.