Last year we supported Unicorn Picnic and their film Pretty Faces, and we’re happy to see a similar movement starting here in the UK, Girls Gone Rad! Ā GGR recently had some of their first events and we caught up with Sophie Edmondson, the founder of GGR, after the GGR Jam at the Milton Keynes SnoZone on Friday to find out more about the organisationĀ and the event.

“GGR is an action sports brand dedicated to women! We want to show the world what we’re made of, encourage more women to participate in action sports and stomp out equality, exposure and manufacturing issues.” Sophie said.

The GGR Jam looked to be well attended, and they have produced a nice little edit from the evening’s fun, don’t forget, these are just girls who love to ski and board

We asked Sophie how she thought the events went: “The GGR jams were the first events we’ve held and I’m so overwhelmed at the turn out. So many girls came, of all ages and abilities and just had the best time. The girls created such a rad vibe. There’s this solid camaraderie, girls together, a force to reckoned with, but that still doesn’t stop them throwing it down and competing with each other. It’s all cool. I love that.”

Events like this don’t just happen, and need the support from both the community and the industry, Sophie continued:Ā “The sponsors have been fantastic. The overriding feeling is that it’s about time girls are more catered for. It’s filled me with a lot of hope for the future, and I can’t wait to maybe work with these brands in future and make a real difference. The jams have been such an eye opener for future events, there’s definitely more to come (including a summer surf/skate tour) and I can honestly say it’s worth every shred of stress and every second of my time to organise them.”

Get along to Girls Gone Rad to keep up to date, although we’ll hopefully be covering some more events as they happen