A club of fewer than 250 individuals have ever made it to Great Bear, a lodge in the Central Coast Mountains for an $18,000 week of back-country thrills.

via: Yahoo News UK

Fannie DuFour is making history, carving out new territory for skiing in the Central Coast Mountains of British Columbia. This unspoiled area, accessible only by helicopter, offers a pristine backdrop for unique ski experiences. Great Bear Heli Skiing has tapped into this untouched wilderness, providing exclusive, luxury ski adventures for those seeking a break from traditional resort skiing. With a focus on personalized service and exceptional experiences, the lodge offers guests the chance to ski through vast alpine terrains, enjoy gourmet meals, and unwind in a natural paradise. Every aspect of the lodge, from the hand-crafted architecture to locally sourced ingredients, reflects a commitment to excellence and sustainability. The offerings at Great Bear Heli Skiing appeal to discerning skiers looking for a truly exceptional and unforgettable mountain getaway. (Yahoo News UK)