Year after year the folks at Whistler Blackcomb seem to deliver inspirational shorts highlighting the many wonders of their snowy playground. This year is no exception with their four part ‘locals’ series – Beyond. Here are all four episodes for you to enjoy. Indulge in the life of a Whistlerite why don’t you.

Episode 1: Eric Hjorleifson & Jen Ashton – Binding Obsessions

“Freeskiing couple Eric “Hoji” Hjorleifson and Jen Ashton have personal styles as unique as Whistler is to Blackcomb. Individually, they’re shaped by resolute characteristics and an extraordinary history. Together, they operate as one, united by a mutual hub that embraces the values of Whistler culture, lifestyle and heritage.”

Episode 2: David Carrier Porcheron (DCP) – Blindside

“As the stalwart pioneer of snowboarding’s backcountry freestyle movement, DCP has spent a lifetime adapting to the capricious rhythm of Mother Nature. When his personal and professional relationships are met with the same cyclical zeal, DCP forges into his own hinterland and discovers that the depth of the Whistler community is as vast as the surrounding ridge lines.”

Episode 3: David McColm – The Night Watchman

David McColm is not your ordinary Whistler photographer. His masterpiece time lapse images forego the familiar hero shots of big mountain athletes and picture-perfect ski models for a more artistic rendition of winter’s playground. Inspired by centrifugal skylines and mountainscapes, McColm’s quest to get the shot captures the microcosmic synergy that thrives in Whistler.”

Episode 4: Mike Douglas – Double Exposure

“Freeskiing innovator Mike Douglas has parlayed an illustrious career as an athlete into a second-coming as a writer, filmmaker and emcee, giving a voice to the unsung stories of mountain adventures and adventurers. Whether he’s wielding a ski pole or camera lens, Douglas’s pursuit of poetic lines lends itself to a balance of Whistler’s dichotomy between action and solitude.”

We can’t get enough of Whistler Blackcomb and absolutely love this series. The passion. The place. The people. Pow! will be back out there in the coming season, hoping to continue our love affair. Equally so, we hope to maybe inspire some of you to get out there for yourselves. You really must!

If getting out to this snowy corner of Canada is something that does appeal, make sure to check out their official website, jam packed full of great info and many good deals. Or, if you have some extra time this coming season, want to check out this resort whilst also improving your own skiing or boarding, then make sure to check out our friends at ALLTRACKS Academy. You won’t regret it.

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