DPS has been on the go since 2005, but only in recent years have they become a recognised name in the UK and Europe.  One of he things that makes DPS skis unique is the carbon fibre construction.  As far as we know, they are the  only company making sandwich construction skis with pure prepreg carbon fiber laminates, the latest version of which is called Pure3.  Many DPS skis are also available in a ‘Hybrid’ construction which uses elements of fibreglass in place of carbon fibre.  We’ve been looking at what  changes DPS are making to their lineup for the 14/15 season and we like what we see.

Wailer 112RP.2

For 14/15, the now iconic Wailer 112RP has been redesigned and redeveloped into something even more special. Featuring a lower tip and tail rocker profile that increases power and stability in mixed snow without compromising the RP’s legendary versatility, the Wailer 112RP.2 is now endowed with a bigger sweet spot across a larger speed spectrum. A new chapter to the story has begun and the 112RP.2 is poised to become one of skiing’s truly all-time classic shapes. A new women’s version is available called the Yvette 112RP.2 

  • Geometry : 141/112/128 | Radius: 15-18m
  • Sizes: 168cm, 178cm, 184cm, 190cm
  • Construction : Pure3 or Hybrid: Fiberglass + Carbon + Bamboo2001-192W112RPC-pure3-1314_Print

Wailer 105

After a one-year absence from the quiver, the mixed snow/in-resort choice is back for 14/15 in an exciting redesign that features a new sidecut design, and new tip and tail rocker profiles. It is available in DPS’ two most powerful constructions: Pure3 and T2. The 105 is the big-mountain ski for alpine-oriented resorts, or alternatively a powder board for shallower snow climates where greater hard snow/piste versatility is needed by midday. For those who prefer the solid drive of a flat-tailed mixed snow ski, the Wailer 105 excels on both sides of the rope.

  • Geometry : 136/105/119 | Radius: 24-28m
  • Sizes: 178cm, 185cm
  • Construction : Pure3 or Hybrid T23002-P185W105-1415-v2

Lotus 138 Spoon

Seven seasons of Alaskan R+D, but comfortably at home in the Wasatch, Tetons, or Alps, the Lotus 138 was the first rockered ski with sidecut. For 2013, the Lotus 138 incorporates the benefits of Spoon research and development, and receives a dramatic redesign that features a spooned convex shovel along with a new flex profile. The already iconic shape combines carbon’s power and precision with featherweight lightness in an unrivaled concoction bred for those who live for the art of riding deep snow. 

  • Geometry : 147/138/143 | Radius: 32m
  • Sizes: 182, 192cm
  • Construction : Pure3 onlyLotus_138

Cassiar 95

The revived commitment to the Cassiar family continues with the addition of another all-mountain-waist-width ski to the range, the Cassiar 95. They have carried over some of the key traits of the Cassiar 85, tuning the 95 to lean moderately towards softer snow. It’s all accomplished through a slightly higher tip profile, an altered flex profile, and  an extra centimeter of width underfoot. The Cassiar 95 is the most floaty member of the Cassiar family and an amazing flat-tailed choice for everyday piste skiing as well as springtime offpiste. 

  • Geometry : 129/95/116 | Radius: 18-21m
  • Sizes: 178cm, 185cm
  • Construction : Pure3 only3008-P185C95-1415-comp1