Each Thursday we will bring you a brief weather roundup so you’ll have an up-to-date report on what’s happening before you head off to the mountains.

You can still check out our snow reports for up-to-date details of individual resorts.


Resorts across Europe have been enjoying snowfalls this week, and it looks like it’s going to continue into next week, albeit with occasional sunny spells. ¬†Of the Alpine areas, Austria is likely to see the least snow fall, but that’s not to say the conditions will be poor with half a meter forecast.. The Southern Alps and the Pyrenees could see as much as 70cm fall by the end of next week

North America:

Western Canada has been suffering a bit of a drought in terms of snowfall in recent weeks. ¬†The conditions have stayed cold enough, however, that there’s still a solid base. ¬†However, all that looks set to change for the better with a couple of large storm fronts coming in from the Pacific over the weekend and early next week with Whistler set to expect 70cm. ¬†Across the US, it’s already been snowing heavily and thats going to continue with the most expected in the West


Scotland has had Storm after storm bringing some amazing snow conditions, but the wind has often prevented the resorts operating. There’s another low coming in from the Atlantic over the weekend, but looks like it may pass far enough South that the highlands will escape the worst of it. ¬†Over the weekend, head to the West for the lightest winds.

As an indication of just how good conditions are, have a look at this photo from HaggisTrap.  The top is the FlyPaper in Glencoe now, and the bottom is how it normally is.