One of the largest ski areas in the world may be about to get a whole load smaller.

The 4 Vallées, an area boasting some wonderful skiing in Nendaz, Veysonnaz, Thyon and, of course, the glitzy Verbier, has reportedly come into disrepute. The trouble appears to stem from some disagreement regarding how the revenue of the area pass should be divided amongst the neighbours.

This season (13/14) a link between nearby Bruson and Verbier had been established, making the snowy playground even larger. However, fans of the area will be concerned that such enormity will ultimately be short-lived. Verbier have gone about establishing the ‘Verbier Grand Ski’ area, still a large area boasting such classic ski itineraries as Tortin and Mont Fort, but not the connecting Siviez area that descends down the backside of Mont Fort.

Of course, for those still wanting to ski the entire area it is likely that there will be a different version of the current pass, albeit both less convenient and probably more expensive (indeed, it is actually reported the new ‘Verbier Grand Ski’ pass will be about the same as the full 4 Vallées pass currently is). There has been an increasing trend in the ski industry over recent seasons with areas joining powers to offer their customers a grander experience. More mileage for one’s buck is the order of the day. In light of these interesting developments, it seems a shame that all is not well in this snowy corner of the Swiss Alps. However, us here at PowPowPow think this story is one worth keeping an eye on. We wouldn’t be too surprised if sense prevails and this grand area continues in the fashion their customers have become accustomed too.

An area of epic proportions.

The snowy 4 Vallées.

The snowy 4 Vallées.


What do you guys make of it all? Are you all fans of resorts joining to form mega-areas or do you like the cosiness and familiarity of smaller hills? If you’ve any thoughts, let us know.