The start of the European ski season and the lack of snow has been, let’s face it, pretty dire, even going as far as seeing the Mont Chery gondola in Les Gets getting out the mountain bike racks again.  It’s especially galling when we’ve been bombarded with images of lovely lovely pow from North America.

But!  All is not lost!

We’ve been looking at the latest GFS weather data models and it looks like a significant change is on the horizon, albeit not for another few days.  There’s a front coming in and, with the accompanying cold weather, we should see quite a dump of snow with it all across the alps.  So enjoy the barbecues and sun-drenched balconies while you can, but keep looking up, you might just start to see a flake or two!

We anticipate things starting to change from the 2nd of January onwards, with easily a foot or so falling each day. It might not be the massive dumps we all hope for, but too much snow too soon would only bump up the avalanche risk rather than give us the base we need to make it a good season.