The days of getting the bus to complete the  PdS circuit are gone.

It’s been a long long time coming, but it looks like the long-overdue link between the Super-Chatel and Linga areas in the Portes du Soleil will be completed in time for the 14/15 season. SAEM Châtel has already started work on this ambitious project, with a blank-slate of terrain on which to build the 2 chairlifts. The crossing point, “convergence zone” of the route is at Lake Vonnes, above Chatel.

pds link closeProject features include:

  • 4 seat chairlift link from Vonnes to Linga.
  • Chairlift link from Vonnes / Super-Châtel
  • Relocating TKD1 Roosters 1 & 2, and TKD1 Bossons by Super-Châtel
  • A piste to Vonnes from Super-Châtel
  • The layout of the convergence zone at Vonnes
  • Securing the slopes of Super-Châtel against avalanche risk

The total project cost is approximately €8million.

The convergence zone:

This area is located near Lake Vonnes and is accessible by road. This location is ideal as it has road access from both the French and Swiss sides and will offer additional parking which is also hoped to alleviate the often full parking areas at Linga.

The TSF4 Vonnes / Linga:

The four-seater fixed grip chairlift Plaine Dranse is now unnecessary with the construction of the TSD6 Rochassons. As a result, this will be removed, renovated and repurposed as the Vonnes -> Linga : Linga -> Vonnes link. It will operate in both directions as there will be no skiable section from Vonnes to Linga. It will be 960m long with no height difference, starting at the end of the Leiche track which will allow skiers to easily access the Leiche pima.

The TSD4 Vonnes / Super-Châtel:

This is the old TSD4 Proclou from Avoriaz which has been replaced by a new unit, and is being repurposed as the Vonnes -> Super-Châtel link after renovation with an expected 15 year lifespan. It will be 1400m long and rise 265 m. To allow a connection to this lift, the TKD1 Cocks and Bossons will be relocated

Return piste from Super-Châtel:

The 1525m long forest track will be a blue run, equipped with snow cannons, returning to Vonnes from Super-Châtel.

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TK = TélésKi : a fixed button lift

TSF = TéléSiège à pince Fixe : a fixed chairlift,i.e. constant speed with no slowing for getting on and off.

TSD = TéléSiège Débrayable : demountable chairlift, i.e. detaches from the cable at the lower and upper stations so making getting on and of easier as they slow.

TKD = TélésKi Débrayable : A button lift which you trigger to go rather than being fixed to the cable.