Deep in the Southern French Alps lies the 12th century village of La Grave, a world-renowned outdoor area with a unique atmosphere. One of the most important assets of La Grave is its cable car “Le Téléphérique”, which helps people access hundreds of acres of untouched, breath taking terrain. The lift is due for a new lease in June 2017 and large corporations are aiming to take it over. This would mean a certain loss of almost everything what makes this place so unique. Le Signal de La Grave (SLG) has organised a crowd funding campaign to convince the village council and investors that the solution can be found within its community.dsc_0836

For decades La Grave has been a paradise for freeride skiing, snowboarding, cycling and mountaineering. Its beauty strikes any visitor in their heart. Inhabitants and mountaineers that have experienced this place feel part of a very unique community of people, intrinsically connected to the alpine surroundings.

Le Signal de La Grave wants to demonstrate to the world that the community is able to shape the future of what it loves. It wants to take over the operation of the lift and sign the 30-year lease instead of big corporations that want to transform this heritage into a money machine. At the same time le SLG wants to bring the operation of the lift into the wider context of sustainable village operations. It hopes that its project may prove that harmony between man and nature is important and possible. To many, La Grave means skiing wild terrain on north faced steep hills, but its surroundings have a lot more to offer. Just above La Grave lies the family oriented village and ski resort of Le Chazelet which will be incorporated into the project. Together, La Grave and Le Chazelet will make a wonderful ecosystem of possibilities for a large range of clients!

In order to create public awareness and support Le SLG has organised a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo that started on November 7th and runs until December 7th 2016. By donating money to Le SLG — even just €10 — you will be giving them your vote of support. You can find the project on Indiegogo’s website if you search for La Grave.

dsc_0772This crowd funding campaign will help to reinvent La Grave and its surrounding villages and SLG genuinely believes in involving the people passionate about La Grave. It truly is a project for the people, by people! This project can have an impact on the way people experience the mountains and alpine culture. These villages are unique and fragile and need to be managed in a caring and dedicated way!

If you support this project, you commit to a brighter future for La Grave. You are making a statement that special, authentic places have a right to exist on their own and that not everything should be part of an ever-growing large-scale corporation.

Contact SLG at :
Association Signal de la Grave
Joost Van Zundert
Hameau de Ventelon
05320 La Grave

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Twitter: @signallagrave

Crowd funding page: environment/x/15227306#/