Earlier this week, Magnus Kastengren fell to his death while skiing and climbing with Andreas Fransson on Mt Cook in New Zealand.  The days prior to his fall, they had been out with a couple of Kiwi mountaineers, Tyrone Low and Nick Begg.  There has been much comment and some speculation on what happened that day, and today Andreas Fransson posted on his own site about the events.

Andreas says…
The following is my written testimony and I might not give any further commentary for anyone to misinterpret and if there will be a story out of this in the future it’s going to be through someone I know and that understands the ways of the mountains.

Rather than offer any interpretation or abridgement of what happened, I urge you to simply read his own words……




Photo by © Andreas Fransson
Magnus Kastengren (left) and Andreas Fransson (right) on the summit of Denali, 2011